Jemma & Dan - Destination Wedding | Nairobi, Kenya

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You could say that Jemma and Dan are from very different worlds. Growing up on the family estate just outside of Nairobi, Jemma and her sister would commute to school by plane, spend summers swimming in their dam (until hippos moved into the area) and have acres of land to run around. They would be quite accustomed to see monkeys running around the trees as I did when I was there. The place must really have felt like an adventure playground for the girls growing up. In 2010 Jemma decided to leave Africa and move to sunny Edinburgh, it was here she would meet Dan.

Dan was raised in the hustle and bustle of London before moving up to Scotland to study for a PHD in philosophy. Well, we can now call him Dr Calder, it's no wonder his speech was delivered with such elegance! They decided getting married in Africa should rule out any chance of rain on their big day and thankfully they were right! Instead we were blessed with Beautiful light and vivid colours....right up my street! 

I arrived a couple days before the wedding and saw a small Cessna sitting in a hanger which popped an idea in my head for a possible photo, even though it sounded like a ridiculous idea and a little far-fetched in my head.. I explained my idea to local pilot and good friend of Jemma and Dan. I asked Alistair if he could fly really low, like 30 feet low along the airstrip and pull up hard left at the couple. He said, " I can go Lower if you like?" Then the video you see on the 'Nairobi, Kenya (under international weddings) page happened.

The ceremony was truly beautiful. back garden weddings are the best and this one was gorgeous. They had flowers everywhere and why not, they farm flowers there! A string quartet providing the music and a gathering of great friends and family would make an emotional yet laid back ceremony. A highlight was groomsman James deciding to sing all on his own expecting everyone else to join him...They didn't.. We got straight into some portraits after the ceremony and then went down to their golf course for the evening reception. Following an incredible meal was hilarity on the dance floor. This bunch really knew how to have a good time.

Lastly, this was simply one of the best experiences of my career so far. The chance of a lifetime to photograph amazing people that made me feel like part of the clan and of course to shoot in Africa. Just awesome. Thank you Jemma and Dan for bringing me out to capture your special day and congratulations to you both again!