Iro & George | Destination Wedding in Kea island, Greece

Anyone that knows me knows I can never get enough of the greek islands. Im always inspired by the quality of light and breathtaking views. The best thing though is, Greeks are emotional! Its emotions all over the place in a very animated way all day, which is amazing to photograph. George was really struggling to keep his cool when he caught first glimpse or Iro being walked up to the church by her father. What a stylish and unique entrance! Iro and the bridal party sailed across from one side of Kea to the other and walked up to the church in a stream of smiles and excitement. Its customary in Greece to see each other before you both go into the church which I love, as they are still surrounded by family and friends.

Iro and the bridal party had a chilled afternoon at the beautiful Kea Village Suites & Villas. They had a beautiful villa, that being so high up on the island overlooked the whole of the Kea. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough, its got breathtaking views and beautiful contemporary interiors, a great place to host a bunch of excited faces watching a bride getting into her wedding dress!

Normally ceremonies will always be held inside the church, but we were lucky enough to stage this very special occasion just outside on the doorstep in the gorgeous late evening sun. I may not be able to understand absolutely everything thats being said during the ceremony but you can always feel the emotion. I love traditional Greek ceremonies, how intense they can be but also a great laugh, especially when the couple are marched around the table and pelted with kilos of rice. It gets everywhere and I mean everywhere!!

I'm always keen to experience new things on weddings, so when you have the chance to take your couple out on a boat for photos, you jump on it!  Sailing round the island taking photos and chilling out with a great couple is what its all about!  We later headed back to a an awesome restaurant called I Strofi tou Mimion. Its in the Voukari area and sits right on a tranquil beach front overlooking sail boats and two stretches of Kea island. We had the most amazing meal followed by a night that went onto about 5 in the morning with heavy dancing (on tables) and lots of shots, my kind of wedding party!

Congratulations again to you guys, a really wonderful couple, it was an honour to be a part of this special weekend.