Giulia & Euan - Destination Wedding | Cremona, Italy

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I loved shooting this wedding. The colours, quality of light, the 38 degrees! Italian tradition and amazing people all mixed together to make an amazing celebration.

Giulia & Euan Signed the register in the town square and later had the ceremony out at a beautiful rustic farmhouse surrounded by close friends and family. There was a mix of Italian and Scottish influence as Cremona is Giulia's home town and bringing a bunch of Scots over made it a truly unique weekend.

Some of my favourite shots here are of Giulia and Euan with her Grandfather. He was quite sick and was unfortunately unable to attend the wedding. Being such a close family, the guys decided to travel back into town to see Giulia's Grandfather. It was quite powerful and moving, photographing such intimate moments between them that I would have otherwise not experienced. Somehow being behind a camera lets me be there but almost hidden at the same time. Part of the reason I love my job. Great for Joaquin to see his granddaughter in a wedding dress with her now husband looking so incredibly happy.

Awesome wedding, amazing couple.

Congratulations again guys.